About Eileen Wilkinson

Owner Eileen Wilkinson has been a technical writer for 30 years. Prior to that she spent 12+ years as a teacher in communication-related fields (English, speech, theatre, Spanish). Through a parallel career in technical theatre, she developed her assorted design and technical skills, becoming an excellent draftsman, a decent carpenter, a passable electrician, and possibly the worst welder you ever saw in your life. Along the way, she met the world of computers and quickly went from fascinated novice to power user. So, when she decided to change careers, it was logical that she would find her niche in one that combined her communications and instructional skills with her technical knowledge and interests—technical writing.

She started her career as a technical writer in the computer software department of a firm that specialized in industrial automation—primarily storage and retrieval systems. As the company expanded, she rose rapidly in the ranks and woke up one day to find herself manager of a technical writing department. As a result of her work, she learned a good deal about software design and programming and computer-controlled machinery.

After 4 years of corporate life, she decided to try her wings as a free-lance writer and quickly became a business. After 26 years as an entrepreneur, she is still happy and intends to stay in business for at least another 10. (After that, she may taper off some, as she will be well past retirement age.) When she is not working, she enjoys skiing, sailing, swimming, bicycling, reading, listening to music (mostly classical and jazz), and restoring her 90-year-old home, which she shares with her husband and the occasional cat. She also likes to travel but finds that being in business limits the time she can actually be away.