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Software applications (user documentation)

  • Form design and featuring software
User’s manuals, help, installation guides, training manuals
  • Array-driven forms software
  • Enterprise-level document control and production system
User’s manuals, help
  • Web order placement and tracking software
User’s manual
  • Windows-based RIP software
User’s manual, installation guide
  • EDI transaction mapping software
User’s manual
  • Energy-trading database software
User’s manual
  • Photo lab order-processing system
User’s manuals
  • Statistical analysis software
User’s manuals
  • Medical records software
User’s manuals, administrator’s manuals
  • Customer service software
User’s manual
  • Payment processing software
User’s manual
  • Order tracking software for abstract and title company
User’s manual
  • Optimization software for engineering design applications
User’s manual, getting started guide, installation guides

Software (programmer/scripting/reference documentation)

  • ActiveX Dlls for application of display, packaging, formatting, and output conversion to electronic forms software
API documentation: programmer’s tutorial, reference, help
  • Financial database software
Reference manuals (database reference and instructions for accessing data with proprietary 4GL)
  • CASE tool for C++ programmers
Getting started manual
  • Enterprise-level document control and production system
Proprietary 4GL/VB6 documentation for business rule definition
  • DEC PDP-11/VAX structured assembly language
Programmer’s manual
  • DEC PDP-11/VAX assembly language
Reference guide for proprietary common subroutines

Computer hardware/peripherals

  • Industrial strength PCs
Comprehensive manuals (including disk drive and card installation, unit mounting and installation, user and maintenance documentation)
  • PC motherboard
Installation guide
  • RIP interface card
Installation guide (card installation and software setup)

See also computer-controlled hardware/machinery

Machinery/engineering applications

  • Lamphouse for photo printer
Comprehensive manual: installation, setup, operation, maintenance
  • Eddy-current rotor machine
Operator’s manual (included setup, operation, maintenance)
  • Industrial machines for machining applications
Editing articles and other content for SME machining quarterly
  • Train switch engine
Operator’s manual


  • Wire harness design
Design guidelines
  • Electrical circuit design
Design guidelines
  • Heavy truck suspension system
  • Test stands for automotive applications
Portions of design/operator manuals
  • Aftermarket NOx emission reduction system for diesel engines
Installation and calibration manual
  • OEM NOx emission reduction system for diesel engines
Installation, calibration, owner’s, service manuals

Computer-controlled hardware/machinery

  • Digital scanner for long roll film
Operator’s manual, help
  • Disk production station for long-roll film
Operator’s manual
  • Photo printers for long-roll film
Operator’s manuals (included setup and maintenance)
  • Microfilm scanner
User’s manual
  • Scanner-based document archiving system
User’s manual
  • Long-roll film editor
Operator’s manuals (included setup and maintenance)
  • Photo lab video analyzer
Operator’s manual (included setup and maintenance)
  • Photo lab negative cutter/bagger
Operator’s manual (included setup and maintenance)
  • Laboratory instrument for protein preparation
User’s manual (included setup, configuration, protocol scripting, operation)
  • Automated storage/retrieval systems
Operator’s and programmer’s reference manuals, design specs

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  • Corporate purchasing card processing
Procedures manual
  • Human capital software
Procedure documentation for SAS audit