Documentation for Automotive-Related Applications

It’s almost impossible to exist as a technical writing company in Michigan and not have done at least one automotive-related job. Automotive documentation has its own niche in the documentation pantheon. The customary vehicle documentation (owner's manuals, service manuals, etc.) are only the tip of the iceberg. A modern vehicle is a complex collection of technically sophisticated, integrated systems, subsystems and components, many of which are outsourced to or developed by suppliers and installed in the vehicle on the assembly line (OEM components). Additionally, “aftermarket” systems and/or components may be installed after the vehicle leaves the assembly line, either prior to sale or as add-ons or replacement parts later in the life of the vehicle. All aftermarket components and many of the OEM components require various types of manuals of their own (installation, service, and/or owner’s).

We have written installation, service, and owner’s manuals for aftermarket and OEM components and also design-related documentation used by engineers in the design and development process. We are familiar with most of the technologies used by the automotive industry, even though we may not have applied them to an automotive-related product. Our computer knowledge gives us an advantage over most technical writers, as we have more than a basic understanding of the principles of electronic device control (sensors, actuators, etc.) and are familiar with calibration software and ECU calibration and also the simulation software used in the design process.