Our Clients

Throughout our 26 years in business, we have done well over 150 projects. We have worked for many different types of companies, from small startups to major national and international corporations. Our documents have include everything from simple user’s manuals and add-on card installations to complex programmer and 4GL documentation and laboratory instrument control.

Our clients have included (in alphabetical order) Automated Analysis Corporation, Bauer Associates, Blue Water Systems, Chimes, FAME Information Services, Genomic Solutions, Hartman Material Handling, Hicks Equipment, Huron Systems, Huron Valley Steel Corporation, Image Vision Corporation, Information Transfer Systems, Peaker Services, Powerboard, Quintessoft Engineering, Red Cedar Technology, ROTELCOM (a subsidiary of Rochester Telephone), Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Supply Tech, Tenneco, United Technologies, University of Michigan, VMP Mortgage Solutions, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, Wright Line, Xitron, and Xycom.