We believe that a picture is worth 1000 words, so we include illustrations, diagrams, and other visual aids. If a picture shows what we are explaining better than words, we opt for the picture.

We have state-of-the-art graphics tools and we know how to use them, so we are pretty much self-sufficient when it comes to producing illustrations. We can capture and edit software screens, create or reproduce charts and diagrams, and create and edit technical drawings. Our photo-editing capabilities allow us to perform color correction, edit out background, select a portion of the photo for “up close” illustration, or whatever else we need to do to show what we want the user to focus on.

Our graphics are incorporated into the text and are set up to clarify what is being discussed or illustrate a specific instruction. Instead of showing a general screen shot and referencing it, we show the user what he or she should be entering at a given step in a procedure. Instead of showing a completely installed unit with the parts labeled, we show each step of the installation. Callouts and other visual elements (arrows, circles, etc.) are used to focus the user’s eye on specific parts of the illustration.

If your product requires technical drawings and you would like to produce your own illustrations, we will gladly incorporate them. If you do not, we can produce them. We can create them from scratch if necessary. However, if you have drawings of your product in digital format, it is faster if we start from what you already have. We can import your existing graphics files (any format, including CAD formats) and edit, enhance, and/or adapt them for use in your documents. We can extract parts of a drawing or break a drawing apart to show a specific installation step or a specific view. It is not necessary for you to provide separate drawings of each. If you only have hard copies of technical illustrations or photographs, we can scan them in and edit or reproduce them.