Documentation for Computer Hardware

We are quite familiar with computer hardware and are very much at home with add-on components and peripherals. Because we are a small company, we maintain our computers, peripherals, network, etc., ourselves. During our years in business we have installed everything from motherboards to mice, including cards for peripherals, disk drives (hard, floppy, and CD), and memory.

If your company produces any type of computer hardware, we can provide your documentation. Our hardware documentation experience has included manuals for industrial strength computers, motherboard installation, installation and setup guides for cards and and components, and documentation for specialized PC units that control high-tech machinery.

For any type of computer hardware documentation, illustrations are a must and we use them liberally. We can create them ourselves or we can adapt your CAD drawings (if you have them) to show the view and detail we want. We also have a number of generic illustrations on file (e.g., a typical mother board, a flat-ribbon cable with a 25-pin connector, an RJ32 network cable connector), which can be used as-is or modified for your manual in cases where we need to include a picture of a standard part.

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