Eileen Wilkinson started the company in 1984 in Rochester, New York, after several years’ experience as a technical writer and department manager in the corporate world. When she and her husband decided to return to Ann Arbor, she simply moved the business, restarting “officially” in January of 1986. The first contract in Ann Arbor was acquired over the backyard fence. The company has been in Ann Arbor ever since.

The Ann Arbor house happened to have a perfect home office, eliminating the need to lease one elsewhere, which made the transition easy. Well perhaps it wasn’t quite perfect—it had windows on 3 sides—good (everyone gets a window office), but the walls definitely needed a paint job—bad (picture peeling paint in four different shades of green randomly applied). Eileen figured she would paint or paper them during a down time in the business. The walls are still four different shades of green and the paint is still peeling . . .

In the early days, the company was strictly a one-woman operation. As business grew, so did the company. At first, it did primarily computer-related documentation but gradually branched out into other areas, taking on documentation for engineering and industrial applications as well. Because of Eileen’s previous experience in industrial automation, computer-controlled machinery was a natural fit for the company.

We eventually became the technical writing department for a number of companies, establishing long-term relationships, which gave us a good support base. (We even followed one through 3 mergers.) We also took on one-time-only jobs as well.

As technology advanced, so did our services. We became providers of on-line help and on-line manuals, as well as printed documentation. We became competent producers of computer graphics. We learned to edit photos, create technical drawings and illustrations, and design icons for our help screens. Our capabilities keep evolving as technology and customer’s needs change.