Documentation for Machinery and Industrial Applications

We can handle your documentation for machinery or machine parts, either mechanical or electrical, whether it is used in an industrial setting or a workshop setting. Most of our experience is in high-tech machinery, but we have been known to handle “low-tech” machines as well, our most notable projects of this type being an operator’s guide for an eddy current rotor machine for separating iron and steel from other trash and an operator’s manual for a train engine (only a switch engine but it was still pretty big). We also edited the Machining quarterly for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

We are especially familiar with computer-controlled machinery and industrial automation and can handle the software documentation and the software/hardware interface. Owner Eileen Wilkinson cut her technical writing teeth documenting automated storage and retrieval systems and was a tad surprised to find that there were software applications that only moved decimal points. As a company, we spent 10 years writing operator’s and maintenance manuals for a company that manufactured computer-controlled photo lab equipment (photo printers, video analyzers, film editors, scanners, etc.). We have also written manuals for a computer-controlled microfilm scanner and a computer-controlled laboratory instrument.