Documentation for Computer Software

Our software documentation will be tailored to your company’s needs and your product. Manuals can be designed as printed manuals, on-line manuals, or both. We can design your layout or we can use your company's standard layout if you have one. On-line help can be either stand-alone or integrated with your software. It can provide the primary documentation for your software or simply provide quick reference help when the application is open.

We have produced software documentation for everything from simple order processing and tracking applications to more complex applications, including EDI (electronic data interchange) transaction mapping, forms design and featuring, an optimization package for engineering design applications, an enterprise-level document control and production system, and computer-controlled machinery. Because we have a solid understanding of how software works, we can come up to speed a given software package in a very short time. We also know how to program and have written programmer-specific documentation for DLLs and ActiveX components, scripting languages, proprietary 4GLs, and programming tools.

Click on the arrows on the right to find our take on some of the more common types of software documentation. It should be noted that manuals are often “hybrids”, combining two or more types of manuals into one. Whatever your needs, we can work out the best documentation package for your product.